Bringing awareness to our local community


March 2021: We designed a flag through a 3rd party for Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month come this October.

Our towns selectman has offered to fly our flag for the entire month of October to help bring awareness to the local community. 

We are hoping to get more surrounding towns in on this and to continue to spread awareness this October.

Photos and updates will come as we get closer to October. 



After over 30 years Charlie is given a headstone


October 16th 2020: We had many flowers left over from our event tht we held the night prior so we decided to visit a local cemetery in town to lay the extra flowers at the graves of babies laid to rest.

As we walked around we came across a fenced area that we soon discovered was specifically for stillborn and infant loss.

Each baby had a headstone, that is all but 1. This baby had an acrylic name plaque well over 30 years old that had began to deteriorate over time. The only thing visible was this babies middle and last name. At this time we only knew this baby as "Baby Wiggs"

It was at this moment that I knew I wanted to help get baby Wiggs a proper resting place. I made calls to the cemetery and town hall to find out not only the families names but the babies first name which we discovered to be "Charlie" 

After alot of emails, calls and research we found one of the parents on social media and we reached out for permission to fully cover all funding to have her sons marker replaced with a stone. Unfortunately the parents are no lounger residing in Connecticut but we were happy to have been given permission to move forward with our project. With that we took to the internet to raise the funds. Within 24 hours Charlies new stone and install was fully paid.

October 27, 2020: The day has finally come to go to Rogers Memorial to place the order for Charlies headstone. We are told that the process of carving the stone will take up to 6 weeks and with winter approaching the install most likely wont be done until spring time. So now all we can do is wait. 

April 18, 2021: We are told from the cemetery that the headstone will be installed before memorial day 2021. We look forward to Charlie having his new resting place and plan to open donations for flowers to welcome his new stone.

We will be sure to post updates as they become available.



The discovery of 11 babies buried in a mass burial site and left unmarked since the 60's


October 16, 2020: After coming across the still born section of our local cemetery and asking on local community pages for help in finding the parents of baby Charlie we discovered something new that shocked us all!

A local mother reached out and told us her story about her baby. Her still born son was buried in this same cemetery back in the 60's in an unmarked section of the cemetery. She also stated that many other babies were buried along with her son in this same area. This mass burial site is still to this day unmarked. For years she has visit what she thought was the site of this mass burial but wasn't quite sure if that was the exact spot that her baby and many others were buried. With cold weather and early snow approaching we decided to look into this more come spring, but did speak to the current person running the cemetery and they were unaware to their knowledge of any unmarked area with babies in the cemetery.

April 17, 2021: With spring here and curiosity peaked to find this unmarked location we wanted to do some digging. We reached out to the Salmon Brook Historical Society in Granby CT and they did alot of research on this matter for us. 

Within a week we had a response back with the plot location, names of the babies, year of death and parents names. 11 babies are at rest in this unmarked area. This area has no marker, no sign, and no plaque. In fact no one would even know they were there. We did reach out to the mother to let her know that she was infact visiting the wrong area, bringing closure to her and her family who can now visit the proper spot in which her son was buried at over 50 years ago.

We are currently raising funds to help have a stone made to recognize the babies that are at rest here.

April 28, 2021:

We are happy to announce that in less than a week we have officially reached our goal and plan to go to Rogers Memorial where we got Charlies stone to get the design and paperwork going.

The cemetery also called and informed us that the spring installs have already been approved and scheduled so this stone will most likely have to wait to be installed mid summer 2021.

April 30, 2021: We met with Jay at Rogers Memorial and tarted the paperwork for the stone. We are currently waiting for approval on the stone from the cemetery.

May 3, 2021: Got an amazing call from the cemetery today. They not only are approving the stone but they are also officially recognizing the unmarked area as an infant loss section and are putting up stone pillars and fencing to section it off. This is truly amazing. I sit and wonder over the 50 years how many people walked right over this spot not knowing there were 11 babies buried below them. 

The cemetery said that this project will probably begin mid summer. 

We will be sure to post updates as they become available.