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Bringing comfort to families in their final moments with their babies

With limited supplies we only offer these care packages to local families. These can be requested by families who are expecting the delivery of their angel. We will deliver locally within CT to the hospital at which you are at. Packages will include a blanket, crown and additional keepsakes depending on whats in stock. A gown can be requested and if we have any in stock may be able to provide one as well. 

To request a local package message us on Facebook or by email at:

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We know that when you face an unexpected loss there is no time to gather items, yet alone ones that fit a smaller baby. These help provide something beautiful and meaningful to the parents and their baby during their final moments together.

Photo: Mackenzie Rose Johnston

1 lb 2 oz 8 inches Born sleeping September 19, 2020 at St Francis Hospital in Connecticut

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We are always in need of yarn, crochet/knitting materials, shipping supplies, cotton lace and ribbon which all help to create and mail our angel crowns and put together our local care packages.

We also accept donations of items we can add to our care packages. 

To donate items email us at:

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