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Founder Crystal Taylor based in Connecticut, turned her mess into a message by finding faith after the loss of their daughter, Celeste. You do not have to walk this path alone. Our mission is to bring comfort & support to families of baby loss. Grief is a long journey, and you do not have to walk it alone. We know that when you face loss it can be emotional, and even confusing. In most cases you do not know where to begin. We are here to help and if there is something we can not offer we have amazing resources that we can provide for you. We offer memorial keepsakes that not only honor your angel but help fill the void of empty arms and gives you something to hold. Celebrating their life is so important. Each month we recognize and remember them with you by doing our birthday remembrance events on Facebook live which brings the community from all over the word together. This allows their names to be heard, to be remembered on a day that is extremely hard for parents, and to offer our support and love to the families. We also encourage any locals to join us at these events so that you can participate hands on in their babies memory. We also hold our local Wave of light event held every year in October. This event is worldwide within the loss community and that brings families together in remembrance. Faiths Wings also provides special holiday photos free to those families who participate. Many babies do not get the chance to participate in holiday traditions and this helps to make that happen and to provide family with a sense of normalcy and comfort. We are able to create precious new memories through photography with the help from our amazing volunteer Ashlee with Ashlee Rose Photography. So far we have been able to do Santa and Easter bunny photos as well as special mothers day and fathers day themed photos. 

Faiths Wings also has a great team of volunteers that takes their time to hand make our exclusive angel crowns which get donated in bulk to hospitals for babies who do not get the chance to make it home. We believe  every prince and princess deserves a crown no matter how small. Our volunteers have also made blankets and small angel wings that we are able to put into care kits for mothers in labor. We know that when you face an unexpected loss there is no time to gather items, yet alone ones that fit a smaller baby. These help provide something beautiful and meaningful to the parents and their baby during their final moments together.

Founder Crystal Taylor has also recently accomplished her certification and received her Douala status through stillbirthday to further help parents of loss.

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